Testeintrag 1 – mit lorem ipsum

Diesmal ein rein ins Deutsche übersetzter Eintrag ohne englischem Pendant.

Bullshit. consider it a divorce. get to the choppa. give you a lift? he molested, murdered, and mutilated her. i eat green barrettes for breakfast. i was just looking for turboman doll.

i’ve seen you before. just bodies. talk to the hand. who are you? you should not drink and bake. you blew my cawva!. Because i’m going to say please. big mistake. c-coo-ool. doesn’t anyone stay dead anymore? fugettit, i’m not going to sit on your lap. get down or i’ll put you down. go on! hello cutie pie. i have my orders. i lied! i’ll be back. i’m the famous comedian, arnold brownswagger. into the tunnel. no shit. of course. one of us is in deep trouble. screw you! shuuuuuttttuuuuup! take your toy back to the carpet. this is war. traffic. well listen to this one. who the fuck are you? you are terminated. you should not drink and bake. you this this is the real quade? it is! you’re one, ugly, muthafucka. you’re the asshole on tv..


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